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Batman vs. Batman..

I didn’t write this blog post to offend anyone; I’m simply expressing my views. So if you didn’t like it, sorry but it’s a free country (in some sense).

I happen to be a MASSIVE superhero fan! My favourite though has always been (and will always be) Batman! How can you not love a billionaire extraordinaire, who kicks butt? So, I’ve decided to dedicate a blog post to my favourite superhero: the old and the new.   

For a while now there’s been a lot of talk about Ben Affleck taking on the role as the ‘new’ Batman. Now of course amongst the superhero fans this caused an uproar, as it had only been a few years since Christian Bale had performed the legendary role on screen.  

What fans seemed to have forgotten was that before the The Dark Knight Rises released, Bale had said that this would be his last adventure as Batman and that this film would be the conclusion to the The Dark Knight Trilogy. So if there ever was another film made on Batman, the role would be taken on by another actor. This is why initially I didn’t understand why fans were annoyed because I mean seriously it’s not like Christian Bale was going to stay as Batman forever and that’s coming from someone who’s a massive Christian Bale fan herself.

So why the hate?

Well, personally I think it’s because…

1)      Christopher Nolan’s trilogy was, by far, one of the best remakes of the superhero franchise.

2)      Fans loved Christian’s incredible performance as Batman – Big boots to fill for any actor!

3)      Ben Affleck’s Batman comes too soon after Bale’s

But then again it could be that some fans are just way too obsessive when it comes to their favourites, each to their own. It’s pretty hard for any fan to not compare two actors together, who are playing the same roles. We also have our own preferences but to judge how an actor is going to play a specific role even before they’ve done it, is frankly, in my opinion, a bit foolish.

A few reasons why I think Ben Affleck should be given a chance…

1)      He is, without a doubt, a talented actor.

2)      New director (Zack Snyder) will have a new perception of Batman’s character.

3)      Also features Superman (Henry Cavill) – will be intriguing to see how they act together!

Giving Affleck a chance should not physically or mentally hurt you (well I hope it doesn’t)! I think before fans get carried away with their, at times, demeaning comments, they should just wait for the film to release and then form an opinion on whether or not they liked Ben Affleck’s characterisation of Batman. In the meantime, smile a little, rid yourself of hate and give the guy a break!