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Review Policy

I’ve only just recently started book blogging/reviewing and I absolutely love it.

I am currently open to accepting requests from publishing houses/authors. However, please note that if you would like me to review a particular book, I need to be contacted directly, in advance. Unfortunately, I will not be accepting requests from self-published books anymore.

All views are my own and I will give my honest opinion on what I liked and disliked about a particular book. My favourite genres are romance, chick-lit and crime/thriller. I also prefer to receive review books in paperback but I do have access to a kindle for an ebook format.

If you specify a time for me, I will try my best to review it for you, for that particular time. Otherwise I will review books on a first come first basis.

If any publishing houses/authors would like to get in touch with me, then please email me at

I will try my best to reply back as soon as possible. If you do not hear a reply from me within 7 days, then please feel free to chase me up on my blog or my twitter.

Thank you for your time!




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