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Important Notice – Part 3..

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Unfortunately, as I have once again started my studies at university it has become difficult to update my blog every week. From now on I’ll only be posting reviews and other posts when I have some time. Every Thursday no longer exists, instead every time I have time I will either post a book review or blog post.

I’d like to thank everyone who still reads my blog even though I’m not the most consistent blogger. I appreciate all the support but from now on I’d like to post when I have the time to put effort into my posts and not just post any old rubbish for the sake of it.

Thank you for all the love and support you have all given this blog, I hope to see you along my journey of blogging.

In the meantime please do take time out to look around my blog, and I’ll see you soon! 🙂


Important Notice – Part 2..

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Hello to all!

I’m finally back after a very, very long absence. Just a few housekeeping things before we kick things off again.

Some of you may know that I initially started blogging about my musings on everyday life and after that I started up a book review blog. As of now, my first blog – My Thoughts, Exactly – no longer exists. Instead it has been merged with this blog. Sim’s Bookish Thoughts will continue running as usual but alongside my book reviews I will have occasional posts where I ramble on about life in general.

I decided to merge the two blogs because I was finding it difficult to handle both and in all honesty having all my posts under one roof, essentially, is much easier.

Another issue I wanted to clear early on was that I’ve now set a specific day where I will upload a book review. Thursday’s from now on will be my book review days, with the exception of blog tours.

Thank you to everyone who had previously followed both of my blogs, I hope to see you all again soon!


Tough Mudder..

tough mudder 2

Many of you reading this will be thinking what on earth is Tough Mudder? Well in simple terms, it’s a 10-12 mile obstacle course with 24 military style obstacles.


Tough Mudder is something that I’d never heard of until I found out about it from Help for Heroes, which is a British organisation supporting our wounded servicemen and women and their families. I’ve always been a supporter of Help for Heroes and when I read about this event in their magazine, I was intrigued.

Tough Mudder itself is an event which occurs across the globe, every year. It puts thrill seekers to the ultimate test of their fitness, stamina and mental grit. However, adrenaline junkies aren’t the only ones drawn to this event. Many people go to face their fears and to challenge themselves in ways they’ve never done before. Of course the main reason individuals take on this challenge is to help raise money for charity. In the UK, Tough Mudder works with Help for Heroes, to help raise money for the organisation.

There comes a time when we all say that we would like to do something for charity but most of the time we never actually get around to doing it. The blame for that partly goes to the fact that we all have busy lives and in day to day things, charity seems to slip out of our minds. Sadly, I’m one of these individuals. I’ve always talked about raising money but never really taken the initiative to do so. So once I heard about Tough Mudder, I thought this it, this is my opportunity to give back.

Without placing much thought into what we were getting ourselves into, my sisters and I and a few of our friends signed up for Tough Mudder and are now a part of a group of thousands of individuals taking part in the West London Tough Mudder event in May 2015. Of course, at the time we hadn’t made the wise decision of actually seeing what the obstacles were like.

Having finally seen most of the videos from previous Tough Mudder events, I can safely say that this will most likely end with me lying in bed for a week.

All fun aside, I believe that participating in this Tough Mudder event will allow me to fight some of my deepest fears and will challenge me in ways I’ve never allowed myself to be challenged. More than that, however, this event will allow me to finally give back. Along with training for this event, my sisters and I will be asking all you wonderful people to help support us to raise money for Help for Heroes. This is a charity close to my heart and raising even a small amount would mean a lot to me and the individuals who benefit from this wonderful organisation.

To many of you who are wondering what Help for Heroes is all about, here is a little article I wrote about the organisation for my university paper:

Help for Heroes

help for heroes

What is the charity about?

Help for Heroes is a UK based military charity which helps support our wounded servicemen and women and their families.

When was it founded?

The charity was first founded in 2007 by Bryn and Emma Parry. After a visit to Selly Oak Hospital, in 2007, they were moved to ‘do their bit’ for our Armed Forces.

Who do they help?

Help for Heroes supports veterans and our current Servicemen and women who have been wounded, injured, or have become sick as a result of serving their country. They also offer additional support to their families and dependents in order to help them adapt to the new challenges they face. They provide full support to Servicemen and women and veterans from the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force.

What do they do to help?

As well as offering individual support, Help for Heroes runs five Recovery Centres across the UK; Tedworth House in Wiltshire, Phoenix House in North Yorkshire, Chavasse VC House in Essex, Plymouth Naval Service Centre in Devon and the Mark Wright GC House in Edinburgh. In addition, the charity has also opened The Help for Heroes Rehabilitation Complex at Headley Court.

“The Recovery Centres are there to inspire, enable and support our wounded, injured and sick, and their families, for the rest of their lives.” (Help for Heroes website).

Help for Heroes is also the founder partner for the Battle Back programme. This is where Adaptive Adventure Training and Sports Rehabilitation are used to help seriously wounded Service personnel gain independence and confidence in not only themselves but in also what they can achieve.

Moreover, Help for Heroes also has the Fisher House facility to provide support for the families of Service personnel, recovering at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in Birmingham.

“The project is a proud partnership between Help for Heroes, the Fisher House Foundation and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) Charity. This is the first time in history that military charities from the US and UK have worked in partnership with each other.” (Help for Heroes website).

How can we help?

The public can help support the charity in the following ways: fundraise and volunteering in the many events that the charity takes part in across the year.

For more information please visit the Help for Heroes website: . You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

I hope the article cleared up any questions related to the organisation. Below I’ve attached a link that shows what Tough Mudder is all about! As well as that if you would like to donate money for this fantastic organisation and help us support our servicemen and women, you can do so by clicking on the following links:

My Donation Page:

Group Donation Page:

We hope to receive support from all of you wonderful people and remember every penny counts. A small donation can go a long way! Thank you for taking out time to read this blog post and hopefully I’ve been able to explain just what this event is about and what it means to me. Thank you!

tough mudder 1

My New Blog..

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Hiya guys!
First of all a massive thank you to everyone that reads my blog, you guys rock!

I’ve got some exciting news to share with you all, I’ve decided to start a new blog where I will review books that I have read and loved. As many will know I absolutely love, love, love to read and thought might as well do something about this crazy love. My new blog is now live! So if any of you are book lovers, please do go check it out and let me know what you think.

This blog will resume as normal because I still need to get out my random thoughts once in a while, so I’ll still be posting new stuff on here as well but in the mean time have a look at my new blog by clicking on the following link:

Thank you once again for being so awesome!





My bookish blog..

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Hi there!

someecard talking about characters

I love reading and I love discovering new books. I’ve decided to do something productive with my passion for reading by now reviewing books myself. My reviews will be honest and hopefully enjoyable! Fair warning though, my favourite genres are romance and crime/thriller fiction, so most likely my reviews will be based upon books of those genres. I already have a previous blog which is basically about me rambling on about random things but if you’re interested, here’s the link: 

I hope you enjoy my reviews and I look forward to hearing from you too! Watch this space for my first few reviews!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

The Good, the Bad and the Evil..


This post really is just my opinion on the world in general, from what I’ve seen there are three types of people in this world: the good, the bad and the evil. Which category would you and I fit into?

What does evil mean?

“To do evil to; to harm or injure; to ill-treat; to affect with disease” (Oxford English Dictionary)

People have many different views on what evil actually means. To some evil can be referred to stealing someone’s cat and to others it can mean something as horrific as murder.

To me, evil refers to a person’s actions. It’s what they do, the crimes they commit that makes them evil. In my opinion, people aren’t ‘born’ evil. The evil within arises from a young age and they are heavily influenced by those amongst them and around them.

So, what makes a person bad?

Containing or characterized by errors, faulty; (later also, of a guess, etc.) erroneous, wrong” (Oxford English Dictionary)

Well to be honest mostly everyone has a little bit of ‘badness’ within them. Being bad doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a horrible person. It could simply mean that you have a few character flaws – now none of us perfect so we all have a few flaws that we either accept or deny but they’re there alright!

Okay, we’re not evil (at least I hope not), we may be a bit bad, so where’s our goodness at? What does it mean to be good?

“Kind, benevolent; gentle, gracious; friendly, favourable. Of actions, dispositions, feelings, words. Of wishes: Tending to the happiness or prosperity of a person” (Oxford English Dictionary)

Goodness is something that most individuals (believe it or not) possess but unfortunately it’s not something that we as individuals tend to pick up upon in our daily lives. For example a person might save their neighbours’ cat from the tree and later, as a formality, get thanked for it but hardly anyone would stop and think that, that was an act of kindness. That particular individual didn’t think about it being an act of kindness, before helping the cat, they just did it. That’s what makes some humans remarkable, they don’t think about doing something good, they just do it!

A prime example of this is a soldier and a doctor or for that matter any individual, male or female, in law enforcement/military or in any hospital environment. For these people I have the uttermost respect. They live in danger, see people in some horrific conditions, they sacrifice their lives, they save lives, for whom? For you and I. Do we ever stop and think about this?

Not really, in this day and age everyone is busy with their own lives and as they say, time is money. We don’t stop for a second to think about all these incredible individuals and what they must be going through in order to keep us safe. Majority of these people are strangers yet they still put their own life on the line and save ours. For me that has to be the greatest act of goodness.

So, in a nutshell, yes there is evil and unfortunately we can’t escape it and it will always continue to exist amongst us. However, let’s not forget that there is also goodness and it will also continue to be with us as long as we choose it to be. A person can be evil, bad or good but at the end of the day it’s our choice to be who we want to be. Our actions and the choices we make in life, determine what category we fit into.