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The S.H.I.E.L.D Agents are back..

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*Warning contains mild spoilers*


Finally, finally, finally, Marvel’s Agents of Shield is back on UK screens after a (very long) mid-season break and boy is it back with a bang!

Since the show first aired in September, I have become increasingly obsessed with it. Not least because I happen to love Marvel comics and films but also because like every superhero fan, I felt slightly lost after Avengers Assemble. Joss Whedon however, came to the rescue with his brilliant idea of bringing to our television screens, the day-to-day extraordinary lives of the enigmatic S.H.I.E.L.D Agents. Thus, the incredible sci-fi show was born, much to the delight of Marvel fans (including myself).

The show so far has been a rollercoaster ride, literally. From exploding bodies to jumping out of planes, the show provided me with a good dose of fantasy that was much needed in my sad, dull life. Throw in a good few action scenes, a few secrets, a betrayal and you have the perfect mix of for an extraordinary show. Besides, who wasn’t caught completely off guard by Agent May and Agent Ward’s not-so-little fling? Did not see that one coming did you? Yep me neither and this is was just the first half of the season. So you can understand why I was going crazy over the past few months, waiting for the show to come back.

Now, of course being an American show, it aired in the States much earlier so we’re still slightly behind in the UK but who cares right? ‘The Magical Place’ episode aired on my television screen last Friday night, on Channel 4. I have to admit, because I had waited so long for it to come back, I was quite apprehensive about it. I was hoping it would be just as good as I remember but I wasn’t entirely sure that would be the case. However, after now having seen the episode, I can thankfully say that I was proven wrong. Hurrah!

It started where we had left off before the mid-season break, with Agent Coulson still held hostage by Raina. Raina is a nasty piece of work but I couldn’t help but admire her audacity. Seriously, the woman never gives up does she? For me however, this episode wasn’t about Raina, it revolved entirely around Coulson. So far there have only ever been two certain events that have made me feel emotional, whilst watching this show. The first, when Simmons nearly died and the second was in this episode when Coulson tries to remember how he came back from the dead (don’t laugh, it’s not meant to be funny). I’ve had a soft spot for Coulson since Avengers Assemble, so to see him at his weakest point was quite sad, for me anyway. Also I won’t give too much away but thanks to Raina’s torture methods, we get a glimpse of the big secret that is being kept by none other than Mr Nick Fury himself. What has Fury been up to eh? Might as well bring Loki into the picture; make it a full-house party, no?

I also loved the team dynamics in this episode, and how slowly but surely they’re all coming to accept each other and trust each other – which I’m sure was a nice change for Skye, at least. As much as I loved Coulson, the highlight of this episode for me was when Skye punched Raina in the face. You go girl! Raina definitely had it coming! As per usual, the episode ended with another cliff-hanger that had me screaming at my television before I was conveniently reminded by my sibling that the next episode was only a week away. Thank the Loki…I mean Lord, for that!

I don’t think I could end this blog post without giving a shout-out to my favourite agents; Coulson, for being such a sweetheart, Skye, for being a rebel, Simmons for her incredible loyalty, Fitz for his cute-ness, May for her total kick-arse attitude and of course Ward, for just being Ward. I love this show and hope you do!

Roll on Friday.  😀

*If you haven’t already seen this show, you are seriously missing out! Go and give it a go, I assure you, you will not be disappointed!*