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Hi there!

My name’s Simran and I’m an English Literature graduate. I love anything DC or Marvel – films, tv shows etc. I adore chocolate. I’m a HUGE Potterhead – Go Gryffindor! Right now my favourite tv shows are: Arrow, The Flash, Daredevil and Once Upon a Time.

Also did I mention I love to read? My passion for books stemmed from a young age when I came across the brilliant Roald Dahl. I remember reading his book, James and the Giant Peach and being so engrossed in it that I didn’t stop reading until well into the morning the next day. Since then I don’t think I’ve ever really stopped reading.

My favourite genres are romance and crime/thriller. Contemporary romance fiction because I’m an old romantic at heart and who doesn’t love a happy ending right? Crime/thriller fiction because I love a good mystery.

For me, getting into a good book is a means of escapism. A book allows me to enter a world and become part of a story that I haven’t yet discovered. So I thought I’d do something with my passion for books and decided to start reviewing books that I’ve read and loved. I’m fairly new at this so I hope you appreciate my reviews and let me know some of your own?

As well as reviewing books my blog will contain various ramblings of a 20 something year old where I try to put my jumbled thoughts into words. From my favourite comic superhero to my thoughts on Indian weddings. If there’s something my brain needs to share, it’ll be here.

Here’s hoping you enjoy my blog and stop by to say hi!



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