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Justice for Abby by Cate Beauman

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Fashion designer Abigail Harris has been rescued, but her nightmare is far from over. Determined to put her harrowing ordeal behind her and move on, she struggles to pick up the pieces of her life while eluding the men who want her dead.

The Mid-Atlantic Sex Ring is in ruins after Abby’s interviews with the police. The organization is eager to exact their revenge before her testimony dismantles the multi-million dollar operation for good.

Abby’s safety rests in the hands of former US Marshal, Jerrod Quinn. Serious-minded and obsessed with protocol, Ethan Cooke Security’s newest agent finds himself dealing with more than he bargains for when he agrees to take on his beautiful, free-spirited client.

As the trial date nears, Abby’s case takes a dangerous turn. Abby and Jerrod soon discover themselves in a situation neither of them expect while Jerrod fights to stop the ring from silencing Abby once and for all.


Justice for Abby is the latest (sixth) book in Cate’s The Bodyguard’s of L.A. County Series. After reading the first book, Morgan’s Hunter, I became a huge fan and followed every character’s journey through each book. When I found out that the next book would be about Abby and Jerrod (supporting characters in the previous books) I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. This book can be read as a standalone but I would recommend you read all the books in the series as they are fantastic and it also makes your reading experience more enjoyable. I can gladly say that like the rest, this book did not disappoint either.

Readers first meet both Abby and Jerrod in the fourth book, Forever Alexa. Abby is kidnapped by a Mid-Atlantic Sex Ring and her sister Alexa, family friend Jackson and US Marshal Jerrod come to her rescue. Readers are once again re-introduced to the pair in this book and it’s in this book that we see how Abby is recovering following her horrific ordeal. Jerrod now works was as an agent for Ethan Cooke’s Security and is given the task to keep Abby safe until her trial begins but there are a lot of people who want her dead. As Abby and Jerrod become closer the level of danger surrounding them increases and leaves the reader anticipating what will happen next.

I absolutely adored Abby’s character. After everything she went through, she still holds on to the belief that everything will be back to normal soon. She’s a bubbly, smart and loyal young woman whom I couldn’t help rooting for. Her love for those around her is what keeps her going and we see her evolve as an individual throughout the book. There’s not much I can say about Jerrod other than the fact that’s he’s perfect. Up until now my favourite Hero from the series was Tucker (who is the protagonist in the 5th book, Waiting for Wren) but that quickly changed when Jerrod came onto the scene. Jerrod, like Abby, evolves as a person as he learns to trust more and accept what’s been given to him. His dedication and loyalty to his job is admirable and his love and care for Abby is delightful. Together, they make a fantastic pairing for this book.

For me, the villains in this book were definitely more creepy and scary than the others. I’m glad that Cate has upped her stance where the villains are concerned because it adds to the suspense in the book overall. The supporting characters do a good job of filling in the gaps and give some much needed light-hearted moments in such an intense book, my favourite was Jerrod’s mother. The pace of the book follows seamlessly in line with the plot and adds to the overall enjoyment of the book.

Cate’s writing is lovely and her attention to detail is fantastic so even if you haven’t read the previous books, you won’t feel confused as everything is explained. The only slight issue I had with the book was with Stone’s character, whom we’re not told enough about and I was hoping to learn more about him but I’m presuming that Cate is going to get to that in her next book, fingers crossed!

However, if you are a romance suspense fan then this book is perfect for you and I couldn’t recommend it enough. It has lots of romance and whole dose of suspense that will take you on a roller coaster of a journey. Justice for Abby will make you cry, laugh, love and learn that sometimes all you need is someone special to help you move on from something terrible. Do not miss out on a fantastic book that is guaranteed to leave a massive smile on your face.

Overall Rating: 9/10

You can find out more about Cate and her books from her official website and/or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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  1. That sounds like an amazing book! Great review, I can’t wait to check it out!


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