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Interview with the New York Times bestselling author Allison Brennan..

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My previous book review was on Allison Brennan’s No Evil trilogy. I absolutely loved these books and just couldn’t get enough of them. Even though they terrified me at times, I have to say Allison’s gained a new loyal fan. I was also fortunate enough to have gotten the opportunity to ask Allison a few questions about her books and inspirations. The questions follow below:

1) Why Romantic Suspense?

To me, romantic suspense is the best of both worlds: I can have a strong, suspenseful mystery with a happily ever after, where two worthy people overcome all obstacles and learn that there’s someone special for them too.

2) I’ve recently just finished reading the No Evil trilogy. What was your inspiration for this trilogy? Any particular author or book?

I came up with the idea for the first book in the trilogy, SPEAK NO EVIL, when researching information about social media years ago when my then-12 year old daughter wanted to get a MySpace page. I uncovered a true story about a college freshman who had a sexually explicit pseudo-anonymous blog, who disappeared. It came out that she had a much-older boyfriend who eventually (after her body was discovered months later) pled no contest to murder charges. I started wondering about how much we put on-line and whether teenagers have the social or emotional maturity to limit themselves and their information. The other two stories sort of came out of the same basic world of online networking.

3) If you had to pick one character from the Kincaid family that is most like you, who would you pick?

That’s hard! Patrick in many ways because he’s the most easy-going of the Kincaid’s. And Carina, because she’s matter-of-fact and methodical in the way she approaches a crime scene.

4) Which villain(s) from the three No Evil books scared you the most?

That’s also a hard question! They all scare me for different reasons. The teen-age thrill killers in SEE NO EVIL because they could be so random. Random murder can hit anyone. But Trask in FEAR NO EVIL as well, because he is so manipulative and has no remorse. The way he set up Lucy was very smart — and smart criminals scare me more than stupid criminals!

5) What do you find most difficult when writing a suspense book?

Pacing — I always want to make sure the story is moving well, neither too fast nor too slow.

6) What books have influenced you the most?

The two books I read right before I started writing — THE THIRD VICTIM by Lisa Gardner and THE SEARCH by Iris Johansen. Those two books showed me that in the right hands, romance can be blended with suspense to create a chilling, fast-paced, emotionally fearsome thriller. Other books that have impacted me in important ways include THE STAND by Stephen King, the IN DEATH series by J.D. Robb, THE FIRST VICTIM by Ridley Pearson, THE SCARLET LETTER by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and FAHREINHEIT-451 by Ray Bradbury.

7) What book are you reading right now?

I just finished CONCEALED IN DEATH by J.D. Robb and am bringing WHEN SHADOWS FALL by J.T. Ellison on a plane trip with me tomorrow.

8) If you didn’t like writing books, what would you do for a living?

I don’t even want to think about that! I worked in the California State Legislature for 13 years before I sold my first book and quit that job. I’d probably still be there if I wasn’t writing … and that wouldn’t make me happy.

9) NOTORIOUS has just recently been released. What can you tell us about your new book?

NOTORIOUS is the first book in the Max Revere series. Max is an investigative crime reporter specializing in cold cases. Her motto is, “The truth will set you free,” and she takes that to the extreme. She believes that the truth is always better than secrets, and this can get her into trouble. She has compassion for victims — she sees the families left behind by violence as much as victims as the individual who was killed. NOTORIOUS takes her back home, for a friend’s funeral, where she gets wrapped up in two cold cases — that of her best friend from high school who’s been dead for 13 years, and a more recent murder of a young architect on the campus of her alma mater.

10) Any other new projects coming out?

DEAD HEAT, the 8th book in the Lucy Kincaid series, comes out in June.

There you have it folks! Thank you to the incredible Allison Brennan for taking out time to answer my questions, I was absolutely delighted to hear back from her. If you’re an Allison Brennan fan, you can follow her on twitter here:

Or if you would like to find out more about Allison’s books, then you can have a look around on her official website:

If you want to read Allison’s new book NOTORIOUS, you can find it at the following places:

Amazon UK:

Amazon US: Brennan/dp/1250035058/ref=tmm_hrd_title_0

Barnes & Noble:


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