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Speak No Evil – San Diego Detective Carina Kincaid is certain the much-older ex-boyfriend of an eighteen-year-old college student is guilty of her murder, but Montana Sheriff Nick Thomas vows to prove his war hero brother is innocent.

See No Evil – Assistant DA Julia Chandler reluctantly asked her ex-boyfriend, PI Connor Kincaid, to help prove her niece is innocent of killing her sexually abusive step-father, but they uncover a far deadlier group of teen-age thrill killers who have no fear or remorse.

Hear No Evil – When his kidnapped 18-year-old sister Lucy will be killed live on the Internet in 48-hours, forensic psychiatrist Dillon Kincaid must get into the mind of a psychopath to figure out his next move, while also convincing renegade FBI Agent and computer expert Kate Donovan to help.


I haven’t reviewed a crime fiction novel yet and I’ve been bursting to do so, so here you go! Okay, I’m slightly cheating here by doing 3 books in one go but I’ve just recently finished this trilogy and absolutely loved it so I just had to write a review on them together.

The trilogy follows the lives of the Kincaid Family and certain horrific events that create a dysfunction in their lives. Also a warning in advance, if like me, you’re of the faint-hearted, I don’t recommend you read these novels during the night because they are guaranteed to give you a right old fright!

I’ve heard the name Allison Brennan for a while now and had come across many authors that loved her books and had recommended them to their own fans. I actually kept off buying her books because the blurbs intrigued me but I had read some reviews and people had commented saying that the book is too graphic and there’s only a bit of romance in it etc. Like any other reader, I like to trust that the reviewer is giving an honest opinion. Regardless of that, I eventually gave in and brought the books and honestly I haven’t regretted this since and was quite ashamed that I hadn’t just gone with my instincts in the first place.

The books can be read as stand-alone novels but I found it more enjoyable to read it in the order that is provided because most of the characters make repeat appearances in the three novels. Each book follows a different storyline. In Speak No Evil, we meet Carina Kincaid and go on a journey with her to find a serial killer who has been targeting young college girls. In See No Evil we meet Carina’s brother Connor Kincaid who helps his ex-flame Julia Chandler prove that her niece is innocent of murder. Lastly, in Hear No Evil, the whole Kincaid family comes together, along with brother Dillon, to help save their youngest sister Lucy’s life, from a killer who is hell-bent on getting his revenge on women.

These three books gave me the chills. Brennan, like many crime authors, gives us an insight into the killer’s mind. I have to admit, this was incredibly creepy and I found myself shouting at the victims to get away. It definitely adds to the suspense of the novel and literally kept me on the edge of my sofa. I also liked how I was able to piece together parts of the killer as we were told by the other characters in the book. I was happy to find out that most of the time I got the killer wrong – that shows to me, what an excellent writer Allison is and just how good her books are because she was able to keep me guessing until the last moment.

I loved the family dynamics in these books. Whichever character you pick from, each is completely loyal to their family and stands behind them even in the most difficult of times. The last book does leave you with a few cliff-hangers, as to what happens to certain characters. I was completely distraught for a while, until I realised that Allison does have follow-up books where these characters are the protagonists – incredibly thankful for that!

Yes there is a bit of romance in these books. I like the romance genre, so for me that wasn’t a problem and it doesn’t take away from the suspense side of the stories. However, if you prefer to read a crime thriller that is full on crime and no romance, then I wouldn’t recommend these books for you.

I would recommend these books for romantic suspense fans and generally anyone who loves a bit of crime/thriller fiction. I can guarantee you that you will be scared, sickened, and distraught and love every minute of it. Allison is a great writer and it was truly a joy for me to have found these books.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10


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