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chocolate wishes



Life is sweet for chocolate maker Chloe Lyon…In the picture-perfect Lancashire village of Sticklepond, Confectioner Chloe dispenses inspirational sweet treats containing a prediction for each customer. If only her own life was as easy to forecast – perhaps Chloe could have foreseen being jilted at the altar…But when a new Vicar arrives in the village, the rumour mill goes into overdrive. Not only is Raffy Sinclair the charismatic ex-front man of rock band ‘Mortal Ruin’, he’s also the Chloe’s first love and the man who broke her heart. Try as she might, Chloe can’t ignore this blast from her past. Could now be the time for her to make a wish – and dare to believe it can come true?

I have to say doesn’t the title just sound so scrumptious? If like me you’re a chocoholic, then rest assured, you’ll definitely love this book.

The plot of this book revolves around Chloe and how her past and present clashes with the hero of this book, Raffy Sinclair. There is of course, like any other romance book, a big secret between the two protagonists that readers will eventually come to find out near the end of book. I won’t give away any spoilers because believe you me, that little secret will change your interpretation of everything! However, not to worry, it will be for the best.

I absolutely loved the heroine, Chloe, from the get go. She’s an independent, charismatic and lovable woman. I found myself rooting for her till the end. It is for that reason I was initially quite hesitant about Raffy’s character. When he first appears in the book, he seems quite reserved but then again he was an ex singer of a rock band. He intrigued me because the reader never really knows what goes on inside his mind, and because of that there were times when I felt I couldn’t really connect with him but he does prove his worth in the end.

If you happen to love little idyllic villages where community life is just so beautiful then this book is for you. From over-bearing crazy family members, to nosy neighbours and picturesque settings, this book has it all. Ashley takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions and the book kept me engaged most of the time and although I did feel the novel dragged on a bit at certain times, it didn’t take away from the overall enjoyment of the story.

Ashley has delivered a wonderfully charming, at times funny, romantic story that I think all die-hard chick-lit and romance fans should definitely give a go!

Overall Rating: 7/10


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