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Life is too short..

Over the years we have all heard the phrase: life is too short, spoken many times. Usually it’s brought about by an incident that has happened, that has either affected our family or friends in a certain way. Sadly, we all say that we should just enjoy our life because it’s just too short but do we ever actually go out and try and accomplish this?

Why do we live a life that is so full of hate? Why do we live based on what society expects of us? Why do we argue, hold grudges?

These are questions, we as individuals, should ask ourselves everyday. When we know that sooner or later we won’t have enough time left, why do we waste the time that we do have on pointless things? Instead of arguing, holding grudges, hating on someone, be the bigger person and move on. Don’t stress yourself out over someone or something that has no importance in your life, what’s the point? What will you achieve from it? We should enjoy the gift of life that we have been given and live it to the fullest.

As per human nature, we tend to think too much about what society expects of us. This is a common factor amongst the Indian culture and being a British Sikh, I too have experienced it. We shouldn’t care about what others think of us, they’re not living our lives, they’re (most of the time) not related to us, so why do we give them so much importance?

You are your own person. No one can take that away from you and you shouldn’t try to let anyone either. You shouldn’t have to mould yourself into someone just because that’s what is ‘expected’ of you. Live your life on your own terms, not anyone else’s.

That’s the only way you will truly be able to enjoy life. Don’t waste your time by occupying your mind with futile things and people, spend this time wisely with those that are close to you, cherish every moment because this life we have been given is beautiful, you just have to open your eyes and see it.

Spread the peace, the love and the joy – live your life.


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  1. Beautiful post Simran, and rightly said!


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