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The Good, the Bad and the Evil..


This post really is just my opinion on the world in general, from what I’ve seen there are three types of people in this world: the good, the bad and the evil. Which category would you and I fit into?

What does evil mean?

“To do evil to; to harm or injure; to ill-treat; to affect with disease” (Oxford English Dictionary)

People have many different views on what evil actually means. To some evil can be referred to stealing someone’s cat and to others it can mean something as horrific as murder.

To me, evil refers to a person’s actions. It’s what they do, the crimes they commit that makes them evil. In my opinion, people aren’t ‘born’ evil. The evil within arises from a young age and they are heavily influenced by those amongst them and around them.

So, what makes a person bad?

Containing or characterized by errors, faulty; (later also, of a guess, etc.) erroneous, wrong” (Oxford English Dictionary)

Well to be honest mostly everyone has a little bit of ‘badness’ within them. Being bad doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a horrible person. It could simply mean that you have a few character flaws – now none of us perfect so we all have a few flaws that we either accept or deny but they’re there alright!

Okay, we’re not evil (at least I hope not), we may be a bit bad, so where’s our goodness at? What does it mean to be good?

“Kind, benevolent; gentle, gracious; friendly, favourable. Of actions, dispositions, feelings, words. Of wishes: Tending to the happiness or prosperity of a person” (Oxford English Dictionary)

Goodness is something that most individuals (believe it or not) possess but unfortunately it’s not something that we as individuals tend to pick up upon in our daily lives. For example a person might save their neighbours’ cat from the tree and later, as a formality, get thanked for it but hardly anyone would stop and think that, that was an act of kindness. That particular individual didn’t think about it being an act of kindness, before helping the cat, they just did it. That’s what makes some humans remarkable, they don’t think about doing something good, they just do it!

A prime example of this is a soldier and a doctor or for that matter any individual, male or female, in law enforcement/military or in any hospital environment. For these people I have the uttermost respect. They live in danger, see people in some horrific conditions, they sacrifice their lives, they save lives, for whom? For you and I. Do we ever stop and think about this?

Not really, in this day and age everyone is busy with their own lives and as they say, time is money. We don’t stop for a second to think about all these incredible individuals and what they must be going through in order to keep us safe. Majority of these people are strangers yet they still put their own life on the line and save ours. For me that has to be the greatest act of goodness.

So, in a nutshell, yes there is evil and unfortunately we can’t escape it and it will always continue to exist amongst us. However, let’s not forget that there is also goodness and it will also continue to be with us as long as we choose it to be. A person can be evil, bad or good but at the end of the day it’s our choice to be who we want to be. Our actions and the choices we make in life, determine what category we fit into.


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