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Monthly Archives: February 2014

My fascination with animation..

–          This blog post is dedicated to my friend, who doesn’t watch animated movies         –

hakuna matata

I usually tend to have a lot of random discussions with my friend, let’s call her MissBlogs (because yes you’ve guessed it, she’s a fellow blogger). So, yes, we talk about a lot of random things, a few days ago we had a very random topic about animated movies. I happen to love animated movies; MissBlogs does not watch animated movies. As you can imagine, I was deeply saddened to know this BUT, she did justify her reasons and well she happens to like a band called Foals, who I had never heard of  before (until recently) and don’t listen to, so there’s that – we’re even now.

This got me into a whole conversation about liking animated movies. I mean how can you not? For me, the best part about watching these movies is that they allow me to escape reality, and they encompass me into a new extraordinary fantasy world – and come on, who doesn’t want to escape reality for a while?

So I decided to compile a list of my all-time, top 5 favourite animated movies. I’m going to work my way down (or up, whichever way you look at it) from number five to my number one position. Let’s get started.

(Number 5)

Shrek –

The reason I love this movie is because it is without a doubt, a laugh riot! We see all our favourite fairytale creatures coming together to give this ogre and his princess a happy ending. We’ve all heard of Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty finding their happy endings with a Prince Charming but who had ever heard of an ogre fairytale? Not me, that’s for sure. There is, however, one character that stood out for me and completely stole the show, to say the least. He’s small, loud and has one hell of a smile, it is the one and only: Donkey! For me, Donkey puts the laugh into laugh riot, he brings a unique experience to the overall plot and makes this one of the best animated movies ever!

(Number 4)

The Jungle Book –

Though the movie was based on Rudyard Kipling’s story, it was definitely less dark and more ‘Disney’ compared to the original story, however I still loved it and not just because of the ‘Bear Necessities’ song! Although not exactly a comedy it showcases the tender relationship between a young boy, Mowgli and his Papa Bear, who brings Mowgli up in the jungle. Now a young boy being brought up amongst animals is obviously going to create some sort of chaos and watching it all unfold was an amazing experience for my younger self. I mean come on it’s not every day that you see adorable animals bringing up an equally adorable child!

(Number 3)

Dumbo –

Ahh, I absolutely adore this movie and it is definitely my favourite childhood movie. It is a heart-warming tale of a baby elephant that gets separated from his mother and becomes part of an act in a circus, only to be reunited with his mother in an emotional and uplifting ending. Now I don’t usually get emotional over animated characters but this film tugs on the heart strings and as a child I loved how the movie illustrated the precious relationship between a mother and her child.

(Number 2)

Toy Story –

Well this list just wouldn’t be complete without Toy Story. One of the best movies of its time, Toy Story lets us in on an incredible, never before seen or heard journey where we follow the lives of toys. How unique is that eh? This movie had me wishing for my toys to come to life! The realisation that one day we were going to grow up was kind of sad to come to terms with, who wants to grow up? I didn’t and watching this movie made me realise that enjoy your time spent as a child because that time will never come again, so what if you play with Barbie’s and Ken’s? What this movie taught me was to love every minute of being a child because eventually you’ll become an adult. *sigh*


(Number 1)

The Lion King –

My number one, all-time favourite movie – The Lion King. Words cannot possibly describe how much I loved this movie; it was just that good, for me. Ahh where to start? The movie follows the lives of a family of lions and their kingdom. Simba is the new born cub, whose journey we follow into adulthood and we see how he eventually becomes the King after losing his father and avenging his death. I am not ashamed to admit that yes I did shed a few tears whilst watching this film. It teaches you the importance of family, love, the good and the bad and what it means to stay true to yourself. Also, who didn’t love the song ‘Hakuna Matata’? So much love for this film and it still lives on nearly twenty years after it first released! Now that’s what you call a good animated movie folks!

So there you have it my top favourite animated movies. Hope you enjoyed that as much as I did and didn’t consider this a completely pointless post and if you did, well, err, sorry.  My fascination with animated movies started from a young age and just increased as I got older, I fear it will never go away so MissBlogs, beware I shall convert you into a fellow animation movie lover one day! 🙂


Life is too short..

Over the years we have all heard the phrase: life is too short, spoken many times. Usually it’s brought about by an incident that has happened, that has either affected our family or friends in a certain way. Sadly, we all say that we should just enjoy our life because it’s just too short but do we ever actually go out and try and accomplish this?

Why do we live a life that is so full of hate? Why do we live based on what society expects of us? Why do we argue, hold grudges?

These are questions, we as individuals, should ask ourselves everyday. When we know that sooner or later we won’t have enough time left, why do we waste the time that we do have on pointless things? Instead of arguing, holding grudges, hating on someone, be the bigger person and move on. Don’t stress yourself out over someone or something that has no importance in your life, what’s the point? What will you achieve from it? We should enjoy the gift of life that we have been given and live it to the fullest.

As per human nature, we tend to think too much about what society expects of us. This is a common factor amongst the Indian culture and being a British Sikh, I too have experienced it. We shouldn’t care about what others think of us, they’re not living our lives, they’re (most of the time) not related to us, so why do we give them so much importance?

You are your own person. No one can take that away from you and you shouldn’t try to let anyone either. You shouldn’t have to mould yourself into someone just because that’s what is ‘expected’ of you. Live your life on your own terms, not anyone else’s.

That’s the only way you will truly be able to enjoy life. Don’t waste your time by occupying your mind with futile things and people, spend this time wisely with those that are close to you, cherish every moment because this life we have been given is beautiful, you just have to open your eyes and see it.

Spread the peace, the love and the joy – live your life.

The Good, the Bad and the Evil..


This post really is just my opinion on the world in general, from what I’ve seen there are three types of people in this world: the good, the bad and the evil. Which category would you and I fit into?

What does evil mean?

“To do evil to; to harm or injure; to ill-treat; to affect with disease” (Oxford English Dictionary)

People have many different views on what evil actually means. To some evil can be referred to stealing someone’s cat and to others it can mean something as horrific as murder.

To me, evil refers to a person’s actions. It’s what they do, the crimes they commit that makes them evil. In my opinion, people aren’t ‘born’ evil. The evil within arises from a young age and they are heavily influenced by those amongst them and around them.

So, what makes a person bad?

Containing or characterized by errors, faulty; (later also, of a guess, etc.) erroneous, wrong” (Oxford English Dictionary)

Well to be honest mostly everyone has a little bit of ‘badness’ within them. Being bad doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a horrible person. It could simply mean that you have a few character flaws – now none of us perfect so we all have a few flaws that we either accept or deny but they’re there alright!

Okay, we’re not evil (at least I hope not), we may be a bit bad, so where’s our goodness at? What does it mean to be good?

“Kind, benevolent; gentle, gracious; friendly, favourable. Of actions, dispositions, feelings, words. Of wishes: Tending to the happiness or prosperity of a person” (Oxford English Dictionary)

Goodness is something that most individuals (believe it or not) possess but unfortunately it’s not something that we as individuals tend to pick up upon in our daily lives. For example a person might save their neighbours’ cat from the tree and later, as a formality, get thanked for it but hardly anyone would stop and think that, that was an act of kindness. That particular individual didn’t think about it being an act of kindness, before helping the cat, they just did it. That’s what makes some humans remarkable, they don’t think about doing something good, they just do it!

A prime example of this is a soldier and a doctor or for that matter any individual, male or female, in law enforcement/military or in any hospital environment. For these people I have the uttermost respect. They live in danger, see people in some horrific conditions, they sacrifice their lives, they save lives, for whom? For you and I. Do we ever stop and think about this?

Not really, in this day and age everyone is busy with their own lives and as they say, time is money. We don’t stop for a second to think about all these incredible individuals and what they must be going through in order to keep us safe. Majority of these people are strangers yet they still put their own life on the line and save ours. For me that has to be the greatest act of goodness.

So, in a nutshell, yes there is evil and unfortunately we can’t escape it and it will always continue to exist amongst us. However, let’s not forget that there is also goodness and it will also continue to be with us as long as we choose it to be. A person can be evil, bad or good but at the end of the day it’s our choice to be who we want to be. Our actions and the choices we make in life, determine what category we fit into.

Batman vs. Batman..

I didn’t write this blog post to offend anyone; I’m simply expressing my views. So if you didn’t like it, sorry but it’s a free country (in some sense).

I happen to be a MASSIVE superhero fan! My favourite though has always been (and will always be) Batman! How can you not love a billionaire extraordinaire, who kicks butt? So, I’ve decided to dedicate a blog post to my favourite superhero: the old and the new.   

For a while now there’s been a lot of talk about Ben Affleck taking on the role as the ‘new’ Batman. Now of course amongst the superhero fans this caused an uproar, as it had only been a few years since Christian Bale had performed the legendary role on screen.  

What fans seemed to have forgotten was that before the The Dark Knight Rises released, Bale had said that this would be his last adventure as Batman and that this film would be the conclusion to the The Dark Knight Trilogy. So if there ever was another film made on Batman, the role would be taken on by another actor. This is why initially I didn’t understand why fans were annoyed because I mean seriously it’s not like Christian Bale was going to stay as Batman forever and that’s coming from someone who’s a massive Christian Bale fan herself.

So why the hate?

Well, personally I think it’s because…

1)      Christopher Nolan’s trilogy was, by far, one of the best remakes of the superhero franchise.

2)      Fans loved Christian’s incredible performance as Batman – Big boots to fill for any actor!

3)      Ben Affleck’s Batman comes too soon after Bale’s

But then again it could be that some fans are just way too obsessive when it comes to their favourites, each to their own. It’s pretty hard for any fan to not compare two actors together, who are playing the same roles. We also have our own preferences but to judge how an actor is going to play a specific role even before they’ve done it, is frankly, in my opinion, a bit foolish.

A few reasons why I think Ben Affleck should be given a chance…

1)      He is, without a doubt, a talented actor.

2)      New director (Zack Snyder) will have a new perception of Batman’s character.

3)      Also features Superman (Henry Cavill) – will be intriguing to see how they act together!

Giving Affleck a chance should not physically or mentally hurt you (well I hope it doesn’t)! I think before fans get carried away with their, at times, demeaning comments, they should just wait for the film to release and then form an opinion on whether or not they liked Ben Affleck’s characterisation of Batman. In the meantime, smile a little, rid yourself of hate and give the guy a break!